Rules for visiting and using the playground

The playground can be visited and used free of charge during the opening hours of the Island-blue theme park.

The playground equipment can be used solely at one’s own risk, the operator does not provide constant supervision. Damage resulting from improper use of playground equipment or damage to installations or vegetation shall be attributed to be the financial responsibility of the person causing the damage.

Children under the age of 14 can only use the playground when accompanied by an adult. Parents and adult attendants are responsible for protecting the physical integrity of children on the playground, and they can be held liable for damages resulting from improper use by children under their supervision.

In all cases, these are parents and adult attendants who are responsible for the physical safety of the children under their supervision, so we kindly ask them to take into account their children’s abilities, age and health conditions at all times when using the equipment. In order to avoid accidents, children should wear appropriate footwear when using the playground, and should not wear jewellery or clothes that could get caught in the play equipment (e.g. hoods, hanging laces).

In case of storms, sleet or other weather extremes, the use of the play equipment can become dangerous for one’s physical integrity, so their use is not recommended. In the event of precipitation (snow, rain), the ground and the pavement can become slippery, so please walk with extra caution in the park area. To avoid damage, we request you to please avoid wearing high-heeled shoes when stepping on the rubber flooring.

With their entry, visitors acknowledge that they may be video or audio recorded in the entire area of the park, which recordings may appear on various media platforms, publications or promotional materials related to the park. In this regard, visitors may not have any claims against either the operator or the makers or legitimate users of the recordings.

The operator assumes no responsibility for valuables brought to the playground and left unattended.

In order that we can ensure the safe and proper use of the playground for all, it is prohibited to:

  • consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • smoke or light a fire
  • bring in piercing or cutting devices
  • bring in flammable, hazardous or glass objects
  • litter
  • eat, drink or chew a gum while using the play equipment
  • remove play equipment, outdoor furniture or other furnishings
  • bring in and walk dogs
  • use playground equipment by adults
  • enter the playground in case of an infectious disease.

Persons entering the playground accept the present rules by their presence.

Thank you for your cooperation, we wish you a pleasant visit!